Details on the latest regional developments

  • Market information on the region and business areas, plus general information regarding economic development and economic support
  • Up-to-date monthly information, including information enquiries from the region as well as on current employment offers and opportunities
  • HOTLINE - relevant information obtained from the Near and Middle East Region
  • Membership list
  • Access to a catalogue of international NUMOV members
  • Periodical release of publications: WirtschaftsForum-Near-and-Middle-East / Iraqi-German-Business-Dialogue / Qatar-German-Business-Forum / Kuwaiti-German-Forum
  • Economic guide to Libya / Economic guide to Saudi Arabia
  • The opportunity to advertise in our publications


Join us at our exclusive events and gatherings

  • to delegation trips in the Near and Middle East region
  • to meetings with foreign delegations in Germany
  • to regular country committee meetings and to the mutual exchange of experiences with German company representatives from the region
  • to an annual meeting with all ambassadors from the region
  • to the Annual General Meeting
  • to the Annual German Near and Middle East Gala Event

Consultation / Advisory Services

Expert specialist advice and up-to-date information

  • Market analysis
  • Initiation of international contacts
  • Selection and evaluation of suitable cooperation partners
  • Market entry, market build-up and risk assessment
  • Advice on the basic economic conditions as well as on export and import promotion of the MENA countries


In Germany and the Near and Middle East region

  • Conference, fair and exhibition visits providing contact opportunities and the opportunity to display advertising material
  • Selection of specialists for projects
  • Lectures by high-ranking dignitaries
  • Special one-day conferences / special fairs / conventions
  • Seminars, training, education

Representation of Interests

Acting reliably and capably on your behalf

  • At economic events and negotiations with government institutions in Germany and in the region


  • with all important foreign trade-oriented partner organisations, Chambers of Commerce, associations, embassies, consulates, the Ministry of Economy, the Commission of the European Union, and scientific institutions

The yearly membership fee for these and other individual services starts at 1,000.00 Euro.

About Numov

The German Near and Middle East Association's mission is to promote trade and investment between Germany and the countries of the Near and Middle East.


Gegründet 1934 NUMOV / Nah- und Mittelost-Verein e.V.